Product TIGER


Milk Measurement and Sampling System


  • Gentle milk treatment, preventing free fatty acid generation
  • System weight under 250 kg – for more payload and less transportation costs
  • High precision measurement data – for constant density values in milk collection
  • High suction speed – reduce the time of milk intake
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When your business depends on it:

Fast, light, gentle, more accurate.

Ambient Temperature

0 to + 85°C medium; - 20 to + 50°C electronics
(frequency inverter required for cold start < 0°C a heat-up time)

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The TIGER measurement and sampling system is BARTEC BENKE’s answer to the rising demands of profitability and effectiveness in the milk collection process. Instead of employing an error prone air separation system, BARTEC BENKE successfully uses air sensor technology. High speeds and absolute precision have revolutionized the milk intake at the farm. Within milliseconds, an absolute accurate and constant density and volume measurement is taken. The bubble sensors employed assure correct and unaltered measurement results. All involved parties profit: trucking companies, dairies and farmers. The low weight of the TIGER measurement and sampling system decreases the total vehicle weight and thus facilitates a higher payload in milk and reduces fuel costs. That means lower costs and higher profits for trucking companies. The TIGER measurement and sampling system increases not only the profitability, but also the performance in milk collection!

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