Return Merchandise BARTEC Americas

RMA Process Procedure

Before sending us any material for repair, upgrade or calibration, we kindly ask you to complete this form and send it to us. We will issue an RMA number (RMA = Return Merchandise Authorization) and further instructions regarding shipment.

The following items will be sent back (please specify type, serial-number, MFD Date, and an accurate description of any fault. The instruments will be tested mainly for the fault described in your RMA request - especially for faults that are not immediately apparent.

There is an intrinsic risk of losing the software loaded in the Pocket PC during the repair.
Before sending the unit for repair uninstall any user's licensed software that requires such prevention.
To access the default settings required for repair service, please provide any passwords required to exit any automatic mode application software loaded.

Shipping address:

Repair Center
650 Century Plaza Drive
Suite D120
Houston, TX
FAX: (281) 214-8547

Shipment (Please make sure):

  • that items are packed carefully
  • enclose a packing list of all the accessories enclosed
  • in case you sending the unit from out side the US, please enclose a "Proforma Invoice - for customs purposes only".
    The amount shown  on the pro-forma should not be less than 30% of the list price.
  • an accurate description of any fault, helps us in to do a nice job

After receiving the goods we will issue a confirmation and - if desired - a cost estimate.
Normally the goods are sent back to you within 10 working days or less as stated in the service contract agreement.
If we need more time, we will keep you informed.
If applicable we return the goods with a pro-forma invoice for customs clearance.
If there are additional charges (if the repair is not under warranty), we will send you a separate invoice for the services.

Sender information:

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