Our Solutions – Overview

Our solutions help you carry out processes in hazardous areas safely and efficiently and meet your compliance requirements more easily. To this end, we at BARTEC accompany you at every stage of your journey from problem to solution. Our starting point is a deep understanding of your industry and all explosion-protection requirements. Our teams of experts leverage their decades of experience and their detailed understanding of all your industry‘s processes to find the perfect customized solution for every technical challenge.

Aerial view of liquefied natural gas Ing tankers moored at harbour

Mobile working

Mobile working in hazardous areas is a focal point of our comprehensive range of solutions. We develop high-quality, intrinsically safe mobile devices, such as the Pixavi Phone, the Pixavi Cam, and rugged touchscreen and mobile computers; advise you on your specific application area; and, together with our partners, offer the right software solutions for your industry. This opens up completely new possibilities for your processes on site and ensures smooth communication and collaboration in hazardous areas.

Man with helmet walking throug oil rig

Wireless Connectivity

Our wireless connectivity solutions include Wi-Fi access points for Zones 1 and 2, as well as antennas and gateways that create the conditions for safe, easy communication in potentially explosive atmospheres. Our Wi-Fi flagship products Wireless X and EXgate represent a drastic reduction in the size, weight, and installation times of access points in hazardous areas, and can be handled as easily as access points in conventional environments.

Engineer working nightshift and using technology in front of petroleum industrial factory

Smart Factories

Smart factories and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) will continue to dominate industry for the foreseeable future. These concepts open up tremendous opportunities for optimizing processes and business models, even in Ex zones. BARTEC’s explosion-proof access points and sensors are used in IIoT solutions to enable such capabilities as predictive maintenance, remote diagnostics and support, tracking solutions, automatic fulfillment, and compliance monitoring.

Two businessmen with tablet in factory

Trace Heating

BARTEC‘s trace heating solutions secure supply lines, transportation methods, and production processes in a variety of industries. Electric trace heating has established itself as the most efficient solution for a wide range of applications. Our teams of experts leverage all their experience to find the right solution for every thermal engineering requirement and implement even large-scale end-to-end solutions.

Natural gas production and processing

Analysis and Measuring Technology

We offer a complete range of analysis and measuring technology solutions, including online analyzers, sample preparation systems, and analyzer houses, as well as on-truck systems. Our goal is to collaborate closely with our customers to develop new solutions and to set new standards in analyzer technology. We configure our devices according to our customers’ specific process requirements. This enables our systems to ensure quality assurance, process optimization, and compliance with applicable standards and product-related specifications.

Engineers and staff communicate on site in chemical plant

Lighting and Electrical Infrastructure

Our specialized lighting and electrical infrastructure solutions bring light into hazardous areas. BARTEC offers a complete range of solutions for all your Ex-zone lighting requirements and supports you in every aspect of their deployment, from safe, efficient design and conception to installation and service – worldwide.

Petrochemical plant and oil refinery industry by the sea at sunset

Industrial Energy Distribution

At BARTEC, we design and produce customer-specific solutions for industrial energy distribution in hazardous areas. From planning, installation, and commissioning to documentation, training, and maintenance, our teams of experts offer a comprehensive range of solutions characterized by exceptional flexibility.

Using protective gear near switchgear cabinet

Automation and Machine Control

Automation and machine control in hazardous areas is one of our most important engineering fields. We have one of the widest product ranges on the market for switching, controlling, connecting, visualizing, and monitoring processes in safety-critical systems, and we can also create these systems as custom projects. In doing so, we accompany our customers through every stage of the process, from initial consulting and planning their system to after-sales service.

Close up of a warehouse worker scanning boxes in rack