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In the dynamic landscape of the logistics industry, we specialize in delivering approved and normed monitoring, securing, and fiscal measuring solutions for the safe and efficient transportation and distribution of liquids and gases. Our comprehensive product range includes solutions for transporting hydrogen (GH2/LH2), gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, cryogenic gases, LNG, CNG, spirits, and more. With over 35 years of invaluable experience, we stand as a trusted partner, supporting all parties involved in logistics solutions for end-users. Our commitment to excellence is demonstrated by our flexibility to tailor-make and optimize solutions to meet the unique requirements of different markets. Embracing innovation and digitalization, we seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technologies into our solutions.​

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Safety, Efficiency, and Precise Measurement for your Distribution

Typical fields of application for our on-truck systems

Petrol Station Delivery

Based on the experience and a genuine motivation to drive digitalization, BARTEC invented the electronic dipstick to create an efficient, flexible, and innovative solution, so that our customers achieve maximum safety, regulatory compliance, and outstanding performance in their transport operations. The system, also known as Volutank, enables our customers to reach new levels of success. Today, Volutank is the most accurate technology for measuring fuel. It measures continuously the fuel volume day and night, at loading, on the road, during parking position, and at delivery.​

Aircraft Refueling​

Elevate your Aircraft Refueling operations to unprecedented levels of precision and efficiency with our globally renowned system. Installed seamlessly on dispensers and refuelers, coupled with our precise turbine-meter technology, sets the industry benchmark for reliability and accuracy. Trusted by experts who provide aviation fueling services worldwide, our advanced AR system ensures a flawless refueling process, meeting the stringent demands of modern aviation. Experience unparalleled control and performance with our integrated solution, trusted by aviation experts worldwide.​

Luboil Delivery (DEF)

Luboil, the latest addition to the PETRO system, revolutionizes lubricant delivery with advanced features that are suitable for both road tankers and IBC containers. This innovative measurement system minimizes residues, optimizes product changeovers, and offers automatic compartment selection and pump control. With heightened operating pressure and seamless office integration, it ensures increased flow and efficiency, placing businesses at the forefront of lubricant delivery.​

Small Quantity Delivery​​

The TIGER measurement by BARTEC addresses the increasing demands in the petroleum distribution process. Instead of relying on an error-prone air separation system, BARTEC successfully utilizes air sensor technology. In a matter of milliseconds, the system delivers accurate and consistent measurements. The bubble sensors ensure precise and unaltered results. This translates to lower expenses and increased profits for petroleum transportation companies, especially those handling smaller deliveries.

Introducing the H.Y.W.A.Y. series
The new standard for hydrogen transportation 

Calibrated approved measurement system
Optimized recalibration process
Energy self-sufficient
Office software for data evaluation
24/7 monitoring
Leakage detection
Alert trigger function
BARTEC's Hydrogen system ensures a safe and efficient hydrogen distribution. From calibrated measurements to leakage detection and continuous fill level monitoring, all critical functionalities are included. Moreover, it includes a Track & Trace software for data visualization and evaluation, coupled with automated data transmission. This hydrogen system's ultimate goal is to guarantee safe trailer handling and optimize hydrogen trailer (swap) logistics.

BARTEC Software to Enable an End-to-end Solution from a Single Source

We offer an advanced software solution to help you keep an eye on your investments

Track and Trace

Road tankers transport a wide variety of liquids and gases, such as petroleum products, chemicals, and liquefied gases, from one location to another. These products are often hazardous and require careful handling and monitoring to ensure safe delivery. Data transfer is an essential component of this process, as it allows for the real-time exchange of critical information between the tanker, the driver, and the central operations team. The two-way data communication between the road tanker and office enables features such as GPS tracking, product monitoring,  e-ticketing, updates, and more.

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Remote Maintenance

Remote maintenance refers to the practice of maintaining and servicing equipment, systems, or technology without the need for an on-site presence. This is typically achievable with all the road transport systems from BARTEC that have an online connection. Currently, there are over 5,000 systems online and in daily operation worldwide.

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