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Performance and trust

The BARTEC Supplier Portal

Our suppliers are important to us. They form the basis of our success and play an important role in helping us attain a leading position in the market. We therefore focus on finding the best and most efficient suppliers and service providers who can support us in achieving this ambitious goal. High quality, adherence to deadlines, innovation, and cost-effectiveness are paramount for us. Only by collaborating to optimize the value creation chain along its entire length will we be able to achieve the mutually beneficial competitive advantages we strive for. We therefore strive to work with our suppliers in creating an optimum supply chain management system.

Adherence to compliance policies and a high level of trust and transparency throughout the procurement process are important for us, and we do not maintain business relationships with suppliers known to infringe the principles underlying the United Nations Global Compact. All our suppliers are expected to comply with all standards and laws, as well as to maintain a sustained respect for the environment.

Today, BARTEC has a large number of highly efficient national and international suppliers whose capabilities we are consistently working to expand. Nevertheless, we continue to maintain a global search for best-in-class suppliers and are always interested in collaborating with new business partners. Become a BARTEC supplier or service provider and join a powerful and innovative partnership!

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Download our supplier documentation:

General Purchasing and Ordering Conditions of the BARTEC Group including all BARTEC Companies for Deliveries and Services by Suppliers and Contractors (PDF) Download
Generally accepted accounting principles and available reasons for return in case of non-compliance (PDF) Download
Territorial Validity (PDF) Download
Shipping instructions (PDF) Download