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The BARTEC Academy

A unique training and further education offering focusing on explosion protection

Continuous Training Guarantees Safety

What exactly does explosion protection mean? What special requirements exist for systems in potentially explosive atmospheres? What are the legal requirements for hazardous areas? Which certifications are available for which regions? What do I need to consider for my project?

The BARTEC Academy is a unique explosion-protection training offering that provides answers to these and many other questions. Employees of our customers, as well as installers and manufacturers, can benefit from the knowledge we have gained from over 45 years of experience in explosion protection, clearly and practically presented. 

Thanks to our well-structured range of seminars consisting of introductory and advanced seminars, even experienced experts can learn something new – about certifications in their target markets, for example. 

Learn everything you need to know about hazardous areas for your work duties or construction projects – or acquire knowledge to share with your own customers. 

Lead through practical knowledge

Devices, systems, and equipment in explosive areas must conform to the requisite safety standards throughout their lifecycle. Manufacturers, planners, and operators are responsible for constantly keeping up to date with safety technology and legal requirements.

Safety technologies for explosion protection are constantly being further developed and standardized. Experts for safety technology must remain on the ball in order to implement new international requirements in a timely manner. 

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Comprehensive knowledge for manufacturers, installers, operators and service providers

People with background knowledge, qualifications, and experience in explosion protection are key to ensuring comprehensive safety when planning, developing, approving, maintaining, and testing devices, equipment, and systems.

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The BARTEC Academy is the ideal platform for your training

Benefit from many years of experience and implement safety requirements in a simpler and more efficient manner. We offer ongoing training and continuing education on the following topics:

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Introductory Seminars 

  • Fundamentals of electrical explosion protection 
  • Electrical explosion protection with practical experiments 
  • Fundamentals of non-electrical explosion protection 

Advanced Seminars

  • Explosion protection for end users 
  • Electrical heating for industrial applications 
  • Explosion protection through intrinsic safety 
  • Explosion protection for complex equipment 
  • Explosion protection for plant engineering and construction 
  • User documentation as per ATEX and the EU Machinery Directive 
  • Safety for equipment, machinery, and systems in hazardous areas

Target audience

  • Entrepreneurs, managing directors, managers, operations managers, project managers, persons responsible for safety technology and health
  • Engineering design, development, planning, project management, production, maintenance, installation, and quality management personnel
  • Qualified persons as defined by the German industrial safety regulations (BetrSichV), explosion protection officers, inspectors, technical experts, and plant and operation engineers

Explosion Protection Seminars

Keep up to date with the state of the art in safety technology (explosion protection). To gain background knowledge, valuable practical tips, and up-to-date information, attend one of our specialist seminars in Bad Mergentheim, Germany, or in your region:

Introductory Seminars

General physical and legal basics of explosion protection.

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Advanced Seminars

In-depth knowledge of general physical and legal aspects of explosion protection.

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