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Mobile solutions for hazardous areas

Seamless mobile communication and collaboration, even in hazardous areas: we move the smart office into the Ex zone. Our innovative mobile devices and Wi-Fi infrastructure, plus a wide range of accessories and network components, provide workers in hazardous zones with all the communication convenience of a modern office environment.

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Efficiency Through Mobile Working

Some typical use cases for our mobile working solutions

Inspection and Maintenance

Tasks in the field can be completed faster and more successfully when workers receive the right information at the right time. Equipment and devices can be labelled with geotags, allowing a quick scan to identify items to be worked on. Work orders can be dynamically assigned to available teams, while checklists and step-by-step instructions support new employees. In complex cases, engineers anywhere in the world can provide support to mobile workers by accessing images or videos from the field.

On-site Navigation

The combination of camera and display makes it easier to find your way around large industrial areas and identify individual components. The display can accommodate both a classic map view and an augmented reality mode, highlighting important components. A simple click is all it takes to retrieve current status data from even hard-to-access devices. This allows inspection routines to be carried out much more efficiently. 

Equipment Inspections

Machinery and equipment in chemical plants must be checked regularly. Barcode scanners and/or RFID tags simplify this task greatly.

Remote Support

Unscheduled situations often require a quick evaluation by experts. On-site video and voice support enable mobile workers to quickly contact experienced specialists in the control room or directly at the manufacturer's premises. This allows potentially critical conditions to be resolved without human injury or property damage and time and costs to be saved. 

Introducing the Pixavi Phone.
The Next-Gen Intrinsically Safe Smartphone

High performance
4G wireless capability
Scan module
Extremely light, slim design
Highly ruggedized
Future-proof Android updates
Built to provide top performance while ensuring your safety in hazardous areas. Highly ruggedized, yet elegant and pocket-friendly. The ultimate intrinsically safe Android™ smartphone.

Download our brochure on automation and enterprise mobility solutions

The comprehensive BARTEC offering for smart, streamlined processes in EX and non-EX areas. 

You can download the brochure here (PDF 11.7 MB)

Software Solutions

We use powerful software solutions from our partner Zebra to help you create integrated digital processes.

Mobility DNA

Mobility DNA is a unique software ecosystem developed by Zebra Technologies. It transforms the user-friendly Android™ platform into an enterprise-ready mobile solution. The challenges of managing a fleet of mobile computers can affect productivity, staff motivation, and security. Mobility DNA has been specifically designed to make managing enterprise mobility far easier, maximizing productivity while fortifying Android™ for enterprise use. Mobility DNA provides a range of applications that focus on five key areas: business tools, productivity, central management, development, and security. All applications work together seamlessly to take the hard work out of enterprise mobile 

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Workforce Connect PTT Pro

The enterprise-class push-to-talk and secure text messaging services from Zebra Technologies are now available for hazardous areas on BARTEC devices. With Zebra’s Workforce Connect PTT Pro, you can turn your workers’ BARTEC mobile devices into full-featured walkie-talkies. At the push of a button, workers can place a private call to one user or a group call to up to 250 people. They can also send data messages across their site or across the globe with communications protected by enterprise-grade security. With the flexibility to connect with other BARTEC devices in hazardous areas, Android™ or iOS devices in non-hazardous areas, and two-way radios over cellular and Wi-Fi networks, your workforce is always connected, regardless of their location.

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Download our whitepaper on Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Enterprise mobility solutions in potentially explosive atmospheres – applications and requirements 

You can download the whitepaper here (PDF 5.7 MB)