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Gases, dusts, and the strictest hygiene regulations place special demands on explosion protection in the pharmaceutical industry. Cleanroom technology with its special requirements – for surface cleaning, for example – is just one of the major challenges BARTEC’s high-quality products have been designed to overcome.

Solvents, vapors, and dusts are typical causes of potentially explosive atmospheres in pharmaceutical production. Our experts have been working with the industry for decades, consulting on complete solutions and individual large-scale projects as well as on specialized trends like smart factories, which offer pharmaceutical manufacturers tremendous potential for optimization, or individual topics such as lighting in Ex zones.

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Protection for Pharmaceutical Production

Process Visualization in Ex Zones

The process safety bar in the pharmaceutical industry is particularly high. BARTEC’s POLARIS is a complete, end-to-end human-machine-interface portfolio providing first-class devices and solutions for all tasks relating to process visualization, including operation and observation – and all from a single source. With its innovative devices and system solutions, BARTEC has earned a top position among the world’s suppliers of automation technology. Continuous product updates and further development form the basis of more and more new solutions and for new application areas, as well as for greater convenience and safety. In addition to standard solutions, we also develop and produce customer-specific solutions.

Ex p Pressurization for Zones 1, 2 and 21, 22

There is an ever-increasing demand for complex automation functions for processes in the pharmaceutical industry. The industry needs flexible, safe, low-maintenance solutions for measuring, controlling, regulating, and visualization tasks, particularly in hazardous (potentially explosive) environments.  Control and switchgear systems, displays and industrial monitors must be conveniently, safely, and easily equipped for use in these areas.  Ex p pressurization is the ideal solution for a large number of applications. This technology allows standard devices to be flexibly and efficiently converted for use in Ex areas (Zones 1, 2, 21, and 22).

Comprehensive Explosion-Protection Portfolio

BARTEC offers a unique and comprehensive range of solutions and products for work in potentially explosive atmospheres, such as those found in the pharmaceutical industry. These include a full range of control and connection technology, automation solutions, mobile devices for hazardous zones, and specialized explosion-proof lighting and electrical trace heating systems.

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