Product LYNX


Milk Measurement and Sampling System


  • Electric, battery or hydraulic drive
  • Adaptable to any selfpriming pump
  • Air sensing technology
  • Up to 1000 l/min (depending on pump)
  • Central control unit with backlit LC-touch display
  • GPRS data connection
  • GPS supplier and farm data acquisition
  • Representative sampling
  • Remote online diagnostics and remote updates
  • Reliable and low maintenance
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Simply the better way to measure

Ambient Temperature

0 … + 85 °C medium; - 20 … + 50 °C electronics


The milk measurement system
LYNX from BARTEC is the price/value counterweight to the successful TIGER measurement system.
Neither ejectors, nor water
pumps are necessary due to the
use of selfpriming-pumps. Less time spent during the milk intake, because
of immediate power on demand.
The “down to the core” design makes
it is easy to adapt and maintain. The fully electric sensed system excels even in the most challenging surroundings and environments, because of it’s robust and compact design. The system is controlled via a touch-display, making it not only innovative, but easy understandable, as well.
Last but not least it is the comparatively low acquisition cost, that makes the LYNX such an outstanding value proposition.

Technical Data

Manuals/Operating Instructions/Guides

  • Messanalge TIGER / LYNX


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