What’s Next After Graduation?

A professional, varied, and exciting training program awaits you at BARTEC!

Technician guiding female trainee in workshop

We protect people, the environment, and things through first-class technical solutions. Our work is vital. BARTEC is recognized worldwide as a consummate expert for safety in danger zones. We are proud of all this – and of our trainees!

As a world market leader in explosion protection, we have a long tradition of training, and we offer our trainees a wide range of opportunities within the company. Depending on market requirements, our qualified and experienced trainers mentor young people individually in different training programs:

  • Technical product designer
  • Industrial management assistant
  • Electronics technician for devices and systems - at site Gotteszell
  • Mechatronics engineer - at site Gotteszell

Our varied training program combines practical activities within the company with the theoretical content offered by the vocational school. We also provide our trainees with numerous opportunities to develop professionally and personally.

Trainees begin working on their own challenging projects at an early stage in order to develop their creativity and to foster independent working habits.

Right from the very outset, our training program is all about getting to know each other, building trust, developing team spirit, and working on innovative solutions!

Our start-up workshop has been proven to strengthen our trainees’ independence and their ability to work in a team. After completing orientation, you will be well prepared for both working at BARTEC and learning. We look forward to meeting you!

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