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BARTEC CEO Dr Martin U. Schefter
Shaping BARTEC’s Future with Digital Product Innovation
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How to perform an Insulation Resistance Test (Meg Test)

The quality of insulation resistance is known to degrade with time due to exposure to their environmental conditions. Temperature, humidity, moisture, and dust particles negatively impact these cables inducing electrical and mechanical stress. For any developing or existing site, Meg Tests are conducted on power cables at constant and regular intervals to check the health of their electrical systems.

In and Out in No Time

Time is money. This logistics maxim goes double – or even treble – for drivers in the dairy industry. The faster they can transport milk from milk producers to dairies, the more lucrative their daily routes will be. This is where the TIGER measuring system comes in – and remains for the long haul. It is MID certified and operates faster and with greater precision than comparable systems on the market.

Everything under Control

The production of pharmaceuticals and vaccines, as well as the preparations involved, is a complex process and requires maximum levels of precision, purity, and equipment safety. There is no room for error in any aspect of the process—there is simply too much at stake. Control components for (production) processes, in particular, must conform to strict standards. BARTEC, an expert in hazardous-area safety, has collaborated with its customer GfS Automation, an industrial automation specialist based near Frankfurt, to develop and supply a switchgear for use in Ex areas in Covid vaccine production.

Safely Tapping Oil Wells

Oil leaks are damaging – not only to the marine ecosystem, but also, of course, to the reputation of the pumping company involved. Keeping crude oil safely in the pipeline at all times is, therefore, absolutely essential. This process is known in the industry as “blowout prevention”, and the electronics involved are controlled by special switching cabinets – which are installed in extremely tough conditions. BARTEC assembles these for its customers.