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Smooth Takeoffs and Landings in Sub-zero Temperatures

Iced-up or snowed-in flight decks are a considerable problem for helicopters, in particular when it comes to performing risky take-off and landing processes on ships. De-icing the decks, which can be carried out manually or by using technical means, is imperative in such cases. One option that is both efficient and effective is BARTEC’s MSB heating cable, which features halogen-free insulation. Unlike commercially available heating cables with fluoropolymer overjackets, it does not release toxic gases if ignited.

Improving the Productivity of Existing Chemical Plants

Potential for optimizing automated production processes frequently lies in the human-machine interfaces used. Increasing the efficiency of equipment operations contributes to an overall improvement in production.

A Revolution in Field Device Management

In order to simplify the setting up, programming, and commissioning of hundreds of field devices, a leading global automation expert developed a specialist device management tool. The BARTEC Agile tablet PC series with HART add-on module has made the universal software solution available in mobile form for both Ex and non-Ex areas, thus greatly increasing efficiency.

A Prestige Project on the Caspian Coast

Brought online in 2013, the petrochemicals plant located in the port city of Aktau on the banks of the Caspian Sea is a showcase project for Kazakhstan's continuing development. The plant takes heavy crude oil arriving via pipeline from the Karazhanbas oilfield and turns it into a range of oil products, including 400,000 tons of valuable bitumen annually. BARTEC supplied the heating technology for this large-scale project.