Computer technician using digital tablet performing mainentance check of mainframe equipment

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Extronics Manufacturing Manager
BARTEC Sets New Standards with Digital Innovation for Zone1/DIV 1 Hazardous Areas
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Shipping department at Bad Mergentheim
Radio-based networks in potentially explosive areas

With the right concepts, radio-based networks can also be implemented in potentially explosive areas without any concerns. IT security has already been implemented through the use of certified hardware in the companies. Thanks to the various enclosure concepts from BARTEC, different hardware can also be used in potentially explosive areas without any problems.

How to perform an Insulation Resistance Test (Meg Test)

The quality of insulation resistance is known to degrade with time due to exposure to their environmental conditions. Temperature, humidity, moisture, and dust particles negatively impact these cables inducing electrical and mechanical stress. For any developing or existing site, Meg Tests are conducted on power cables at constant and regular intervals to check the health of their electrical systems.