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Interview with Pete Reynolds, Manufacturing Manager at Extronics, BARTEC’s Connectivity & IoT brand
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Extronics Manufacturing Manager
BARTEC Sets New Standards with Digital Innovation for Zone1/DIV 1 Hazardous Areas
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BARTEC is Embracing Sustainable Packaging
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BARTEC Sets New Standards with Digital Innovation for Zone1/DIV 1 Hazardous Areas

This year we are proud to have developed BARTEC SP9EX1 Smartphone, the world’s most compact 5G smartphone for ATEX, IECEx Zone1/21 and NEC Class I, II, III, Division 1 and the BARTEC SC9EX1 Smartscanner, which adds unparalleled scanning efficiency and accuracy with its seamlessly integrated Zebra Technologies SE5500® scan engine. The devices are developed in close collaboration between various teams at BARTEC with years of experience in the EX-industry and its partner Sigma Connectivity.

BARTEC is Embracing Sustainable Packaging

As a world-leading company in providing safety to plants and people, BARTEC is also committed to helping to ‘’save’’ our planet by reducing the environmental impact of the packaging our products , but also operations. We are constantly engaged to provide our customers with the best possible solutions in terms of safety and reliability for potentially hazardous areas as well as to improve our responsibility in sourcing and packaging solutions to increase our business performance.

Hydrogen – Safe Transition to New Energy Sources with BARTEC

To accompany our customers with technical expertise and the right applications in the best possible way, BARTEC is already positioning itself for this change in the new energy sector. As a facilitator, enabler and trusted partner, BARTEC supports our customers in safe energy production, transport, and industrial consumption of hydrogen.

Interview with BARTEC CEO Dr Martin U. Schefter

Interview with Dr Martin U. Schefter, BARTEC CEO, originally published in the Easy Engineering Magazine on the 20th of February 2024. In the interview, he touches upon innovative BARTEC solutions and products, the topic of hydrogen, but also shares his vision for driving digitization in hazardous areas with the announced launch of BARTEC SP9EX1 Smartphone and BARTEC SC9EX1 Smartscanner in the Q2 of 2024 and by acquiring Extronics, the Wireless Real-Time Location Systems specialist.

Shaping BARTEC’s Future with Digital Product Innovation

An interview with Dr. Martin U. Schefter, BARTEC CEO, Janis Wagner, BARTEC Head of Corporate Development & M&A, Andrej Sonkin, BARTEC Senior Vice President, Enterprise Mobility Business Unit and Per-Erik Nilsen BARTEC Global Head of Connectivity & IoT about shaping BARTEC's future with digital product innovation and its digital agenda.

Radio-based networks in potentially explosive areas

With the right concepts, radio-based networks can also be implemented in potentially explosive areas without any concerns. IT security has already been implemented through the use of certified hardware in the companies. Thanks to the various enclosure concepts from BARTEC, different hardware can also be used in potentially explosive areas without any problems.