Product PBS/PBM


Power entry or Splice connection with junction box


  • Build size allows up to 120 mm of thermal insulation
  • On and Off-Pipe (Tankwall) mountable versions
  • Including cold applied power and end termination kit (CAK)
  • Fast installation and maintenance-free operation with spring type terminals
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II 2G Ex eb 60079-30-1 IIC T6...110°C (T4) Gb
II 2D Ex tb 60079-30-1 IIIC TL80...TL110°C Db


Ex eb 60079-30-1 IIC T6...110°C (T4) Gb
Ex tb 60079-30-1 IIIC TL80...TL110°C Db

Ambient Temperature

-55°C up to +55°C


  • Enclosure Certificate ATEX
  • Enclosure Certificate IECEx
  • System Certificate CSA
  • Declaration of Conformity


The PBS Single Entry Power junction box is designed to connect one BARTEC parallel heating cable to power or to form a splice or powered splice.
The PBM Multiple Entry Power junction box is designed to connect up to three BARTEC parallel heating cables to power or splice up to three trace heaters.
Depending on the type, one, two or three CAK or HSK connection and termination kits are included in every PBS and PBM kit.
ON Pipe Stand
Pipe mountable power junction box kit, integrating the functions of an insulation entry and power connection kit within a polyester enclosure.
OFF Pipe Stand
Off-pipe mountable power junctionbox for remote mount of power kit with a galvanized steel bracket and mounting plate and a Type 4X certified polyester enclosure. IEK Insulation Entry Kits must be ordered separately.

Technical Data

Rated Voltage 277V
Protection class ATEX & IECEx types: IP 66
North America: Type 4X
Max. Pipe temperature On Pipe Version: +240°C
Off Pipe Version: +250°C
Max. breaker rating ATEX & IECEx types: 32A, C-Characteristic
North America: 40A
Terminals Ex e, Spring Type, 6 mm² / 14 AWG
optionally 10 mm² / 12 AWG
Materials Enclosure: Polyester, glass fibre reinforced
Stand: PPS, glass fibre reinforced
Mounting bracket and plate: galvanized Steel

Manuals/Operating Instructions/Guides

  • Installation Instructions PBS-200-E/PBS-200-E10 - ATEX / IECEx

  • Installation Instructions PBS-300-E/PBS-300-E10 - ATEX / IECEx

  • Installation Instructions PBM-200-E/PBM-200-E10 - ATEX / IECEx

  • Installation Instructions PBM-300-E/PBM-300-E10 - ATEX / IECEx

  • Installation Instructions PBS-200-A/PBS-200-A10 - CSA

  • Installation Instructions PBS-300-A/PBS-300-A10 - CSA

  • Installation Instructions PBM-200-A/PBM-200-A10 - CSA

  • Installation Instructions PBM-300-A/PBSM-300-A10 - CSA

  • Installation Instructions PBS-310-E/PBS-310-E10 - ATEX / IECEx

  • Installation Instructions PBS-310-A/PBS-310-A10 - CSA

Data Sheets

  • Data Sheet PBS/PBM - ATEX / IECEx

  • Data Sheet PBS/PBM - CSA