Product PBTC 200/300/310

PBTC 200/300/310

Power junction box with built-in electronic thermostat
27-54C.-…. ….


  • for pipe or pipe/tank wall mounting
  • Indication of operating status by LED status indicator
  • Resistance Temperature Device Pt100 intrinsically safe
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Ex II 2G Ex eb mb [ib] 60079-30-1 IIC T6...110 °C (T4) Gb
Ex II 2D Ex tb [ib] 60079-30-1 IIIC TL 80 °C... TL 110 °C Db
Ex eb mb [ib] 60079-30-1 IIC T6...110 °C (T4) Gb
Ex tb [ib] 60079-30-1 IIIC TL 80 °C... TL 110 °C Db

Ambient Temperature

TA -40°C to +55 °C


  • Enclosure Certificate ATEX
  • Enclosure Certificate IECEx
  • Declaration of Conformity
  • PBTC-310-E Certificate ATEX


PBTC-200 and PBTC-300 are electronic thermostat modules in an Ex e certified polyester junction box.
The thermostat modules have been developed as on-off temperature controllers for trace heating applications.
The adjustable temperature setpoint allows flexible applications in the range of frost protection and temperature maintenance of liquid or gaseous media on pipes or tanks.
The integrated LED status display indicates the current operating status of the unit or system by means of colour and flashing codes; the temperature unit can be switched between °C and °F.
Approvals for the direct connection of BARTEC self-limiting heating cables are available.

Technical Data

Rated voltage 80 - 277 VAC
Load for BARTEC trace heaters up to CB rating C32A,
See: Recommended max. heating circuit length

for use with BPL-AL heater

Junction box  for BARTEC parallel heating pipes PSB, MSB, HSB+, HTSB or BPL(model-dependent)

Manuals/Operating Instructions/Guides

  • Operation and Installation Manual PBTC-300-E - ATEX / IECEx

  • Operation and Installation Manual PBTC-200-E - ATEX / IECEx

Data Sheets

  • Datasheet PBTC 200/300/310 - ATEX / IECEx