Product LNG Delivery

LNG Delivery



  • Easy to operate
  • Automated delivery (automatic temperature regulator, valve/pump control)
  • Temperature and pressure monitoring
  • On-site printing of custody transfer invoice & delivery note
  • History of calibration records
  • Temperature compensation
  • Configurable design of invoice & delivery note
  • Complete office connection & cloud data transfer
  • Online diagnosis and remote maintenance
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W&M/MID certified

Ambient Temperature



Measurement system for road tankers that deliver cryogenic liquefied natural gas.

PETRO 3003 LNG combines OnTruck measurement technology, product monitoring, and data transmission in one coherent system. Combined with integrated, configurable billing, PETRO 3003 LNG results in highly efficient delivery of cryogenic LNG. Maximum attention is paid to safe loading and delivery, to ensure maximum protection for the driver and the environment.


Technical Data

Operating System: LINUX
Type of instrument: Mass meter
Measurand: Volume (l) or Mass (kg) or Energy (Mj)
Measurement range: Freely selectable in the flow range of the transducer
Type of liquid: Liquified Natural Gas and other cryogenic gases
Flow rate:

40-1,000 l/min

Accuracy class: Better than  1.0
Total Weight: Starting at 33 kg