Product Mobility DNA: Enterprise Mobility software

Mobility DNA: Enterprise Mobility software

Zebra´s powerful enterprise software ecosystem, now available on BARTEC´s intrinsically safe mobile computers.


  • Streamline and simplify tasks
  • Increase the visibility of all devices
  • Control how workers use the devices
  • Centralize device management
  • Create intuitive mobile apps
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What is inside the body of an enterprise mobile computer matters. Mobility DNA is the genetic code that gives BARTEC mobile computers distinct enterprise capabilities. This unique software ecosystem transforms Android, the world´s most popular consumer OS, into an enterprise-ready force.
With Mobility DNA, the pains common to other enterprise mobility platforms disappear. The result is:

Unmatched productivity
Simpler device deployment & management
Easier integration

Choose from a variety of productivity, management, business, and development tools and enable your customers to accelerate ROI, extend investments and propel productivity forward.

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