Product GLL LED lighting fixtures

GLL LED lighting fixtures

Ex e GRP linear LED lighting fixture for zone 1/21


  • High efficient LED strip lamps
  • Long lifetime
  • Zone 1, 2, 21, 22
  • Through-wiring (1f, 3f) on request
  • Cable connection on both ends on request
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Ex II 2G Ex db eb mb IIC T5 Gb (+53°C)
Ex II 2G Ex db eb mb IIC T4 Gb (+60°C)
Ex II 2D Ex tb IIIC T85°C Db, IP66

Ex db eb mb IIC T5 Gb (+53°C)
Ex db eb mb IIC T4 Gb (+60°C)
Ex tb IIIC T85°C Db, IP66

Ambient Temperature

-20 °C ≤ Ta ≤ +60 °C (T4)
-20 °C ≤ Ta ≤ +53 °C (T5)



Lighting fixture type GLL is a GRP linear LED luminaire available in normal and emergency version. It is an explosion-protected item intended for use in surface industries (group IIC and IIIC), in areas where, during normal activities, explosive atmospheres caused by gases, vapors, mists, and/or air/dust mixtures are likely to occur. It has been designed to be capable of functioning in conformity with the operational parameters and ensures a high level of protection. It is used to illuminate operating and storage facilities in potentially explosive areas and may be deployed in Zones 1, 2 as well as 21 and 22.

The luminaire with the type of protection “Ex db eb mb tb” is available in a 2-strip LED version. For the electrical connection, three holes are provided to house the cable glands or blanking plugs, approved for the explosion-protected area (“Ex eb” – M25x1.5), whereby two of these holes are sealed with blanking plugs in the factory. As standard, the luminaire is designed for internal through-wiring. The electrical connection of entry and exit lines is possible on opposite sides. Diverse mounting accessories make it possible to install the luminaire with wall or ceiling mounting, pole mounting, or pendant mounting.

Technical Data

Protection class IP66 (IEC/ EN 60529)
Dimensions see data sheet
Material glass-fiber reinforced polyester resin, self-extinguishing acc. To UL94
Lifetime 54.000 hours L80B20 @Ta40°C
Weight see datasheet

220-240 VAC electronic driver 50/60 Hz (normal/eme. version)

176-280 VDC electronic driver (normal version only)

Current see operating instructions

Questionnaires/Requirement Sheets

  • Customer requirements - Lighting

  • Customer requirements -Lighting

Manuals/Operating Instructions/Guides


  • EU Declaration of Conformity

Data Sheets