Product POLARIS Keyboard

POLARIS Keyboard

for Zone 1/21


  • Easy front panel fitting
  • Modular construction
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Ex II 2G Ex ib IIC T4 Gb
Ex II 2D Ex ib IIIC T120 °C Db

Ex ib IIC T4 Gb
Ex ib IIIC T120 °C Db

Ambient Temperature

see HMI



The intrinsically safe keyboard and the mouse variants are intended for POLARIS Professional and POLARIS Remote for zone 1 and 2 and for zone 21 and 22. They are connected directly to the POLARIS Panel PC or POLARIS Remote. The chemically resistant polyester foil is easy to clean and resistant to many aggressive fluids. The keyboard is available in various languages.

Technical Data

Protection class IP 65
Structure Front-panel fitting
Dimensions 420 mm x 170 mm
Wall cut-out 390 mm x 140 mm
Installation depth 18 mm
Material Polyester foil on aluminium sheet (conditionally UV-resistant)
Weight approx. 700 g

Data Sheets

  • Data Sheet - Enclosure for mouse and keyboard, Keyboard,