''it's the people in my team that make the work exciting and successful''

Pete Reynolds, Manufacturing Manager at Extronics, BARTEC’s Connectivity & IoT brand

Pete Reynolds became part of the BARTEC team with the acquisition of Extronics, BARTEC’s Connectivity & IoT brand, but has been with Extronics since 2018. He is a Manufacturing Manager and part of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT). Among other things, he is responsible for the smooth running of operations at the site in the UK. In this interview, he explains how his passion for manufacturing, teamwork and courage drive his day-to-day work.

Pete Reynolds, Extronics Manufacturing Manager

Pete, you've only recently joined BARTEC with Extronics. Tell us about the company and why Extronics and BARTEC are a perfect match.

Extronics is the world's leading developer and manufacturer of connectivity and IIoT infrastructures as well as asset and people tracking systems. We combine operations, manufacturing, production engineering, sales and marketing, technical services, finance and research and development. In addition, there is the configured products group, which takes care of customized solutions for customers and combines knowledge of electrical systems with our expertise in hazardous areas. Our specialty, detailed compliance with hazardous areas and standards, runs through all departments. I can definitely recognize similarities with BARTEC here. Another reason why Extronics and BARTEC fit together so well, however, is that we embody the same values – we are one big team and mesh perfectly as a coordinated organization thanks to our shared value system. This naturally made our collaboration and the exchange of ideas and best practices much easier right from the start. With Extronics, we are part of ONE BARTEC, part of a team. That's basically what makes us successful.


That sounds like a good start together. Has the merger of Extronics and BARTEC already had an impact on your day-to-day work?

As part of the SLT, I help to make important strategic decisions within the company. I was also involved in handling the acquisition from the outset and can say that the entire process went smoothly – both for Extronics and BARTEC. Of course, a process like this requires a lot of work and commitment, but I couldn't be happier with the process and the result. It is still very early days, but we have already started to work with our BARTEC colleagues on strategic decisions, particularly in the areas of supply chain and distribution. We have even been able to optimize the supply chain: we have managed to reduce the cost of one of our most important real-time localization products. This greatly strengthens our competitive advantage in the IIoT tracking market.

Not much has changed for me personally. Manufacturing is my passion, but it´s the people in my team that make the work exciting and successful. We have a great team at Extronics that works well together and has the customer in mind every day. I know how difficult it can be for companies to create such a positive corporate culture, but I am confident that we can even strengthen it together with our new colleagues. Pooling our competences and expertise makes us successful in the long term and ensures innovative ideas.


You've just mentioned your team – how would you describe working together in general?

We have an intelligent, hard-working and motivated team. Everyone works together towards one overarching goal: the success of ONE BARTEC. To achieve this, we utilize our individual talents and expertise while fostering collaboration under a shared vision of success. I'm sure people often say that about their team, but what always impresses me at Extronics is the ability to solve problems and the fact that we approach challenges in a focused and open way. I am very proud of my team colleagues and the shared passion with which they tackle every challenge we face together.

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