Continuous Training for Maximum Safety

As a global leader in explosion prevention and protection, we provide products and solutions designed to help keep people and the environment safe. Through our BARTEC Academy, we provide a wide range of seminars to explain safe practices in hazardous areas.

Bartec Academy teacher

Throughout their life cycle, devices, equipment, and systems in explosive areas must meet appropriate safety standards. Manufacturers, planners, and operators are responsible for constantly monitoring the current state of safety technology and the relevant legal requirements.

Safety technologies for explosion protection are constantly being further developed and standardized. Experts for safety technology must remain on the ball in order to implement innovations from international standards in a timely manner.

People with background knowledge, qualifications, and experience in explosion protection are key to guaranteeing comprehensive safety, whether in planning, developing, approving, maintaining, or testing components, equipment, and systems.

The BARTEC Academy is the ideal platform for your training

Course participants benefit from many years of experience and implement safety requirements in a simpler and more efficient manner. The BARTEC Academy offers basic and advanced seminars, as well as technology seminars covering special topics.

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