Produkt EXaminer® Impact

EXaminer® Impact

Drahtloser Aufprall- und Rotationssensor


  • Stand-Alone Impact sensor.
  • Up to 8 year battery life depending on configuration.
  • Configurable reporting for event and/or cycle.
  • Addressable with MAC address and resource tag number.
  • An impact event is recorded when the sensor is exposed to a net acceleration over a certain limit.
  • A rotation event is recorded when the orientation of the sensor changes between any of its six possible orientations.
  • Nominal LoS range: 300m.
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II 1 G Ex ia IIB T4 Ga


-40°C to +80°C


  • ATEX Zertifikat
  • IECEx Zertifikat


IoT deployment in potentially hazardous areas. The BARTECsmart-sensor measures impact and rotational events. The Examiner® Impact IIoT sensor is an advanced sensor activated when an impact or rotation level exceeds a predetermined level defined by the customer. The data is retrieved via connection to a cloud solution, distributed control system (DCS) or local smart phone/ tablet.The innovation will allow registration or instant messaging of an impact event. By registering and transmitting impact events the resource becomes independant requiring attention based on condition.

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